Curtailment prevention

The XYZ of Drought Diet Product Curtailment – Business Model

The Renewable Energy Curtailment Prevention (RECaP) is a bi product of our irrigation deployments.

X:  Renewable Energy Curtailment Revenue Lost is a Global Issue

The economic wholesale value lost to renewable energy curtailment in 2018 for California alone was 10.2 million, and 2019 as of September was $24.6 million, a growth of 240%.

Y: Curtailment revenue recovery:  Our innovation  enables the farm industry to shift from a 72 hour energy use requirement to a define solar optimization period between 9am to 3pm, with 5 minute increments. A flexible on demand load, through the control aggregated irrigation systems. A 6TWh flexible load per year

Z: Who buys our spot market curtailment purchase service

a) Solar farm developers and operators – we assure the financial model works.

b) Grid operators –  a way to groom the grid of over commitment volumes

c) Farmers – to capture the cost savings directly.

Our modeling can match:

10yr to 30yrs projects life cycles, with

Variable size of MWh curtailment revenue recovery

Time of year segmentation

Need to cover your exposure to curtailment revenue lost.   Talk to us, we can structure assured revenue in extreme over supplied markets.