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What are we doing?
Helping others save water – with the next evolution
of irrigation

Come join us! In Tulare, California World AG Expo
Speaking at February 13th, 1pm on strategies to achieving annual groundwater balancing

net zero water farming

Our core mission is Net Zero Water Farming: Putting water back an equal amount of groundwater during the spring runoff, that was pump out during the summer months

We are more than excited to announce that Drought
Diet Products was awarded the coveted Closed Loop
Foundation Grant! Sponsor by SCJohnson makers
of Zin Lock bags.

Food Energy Water (FEW) Nexus: Our paper on
decreasing agriculture inputs and increasing
outputs…. Solution for agriculture in a climate
changing world.

Cool video on how the Aquifer Pipe
works in agriculture

Aquifer Pipe

The Aquifer Pipe is a weird design. Most ask
question ” do we take a pipe and bend it ?”
Answer is no: The pipe is extruded from a large
plastic machine already in this weird shape,

Why fish protection on an Irrigation company site?
We found another use for the Aquifer pipe and you
will not believe how efficient it is in protecting not only
adult fish, but fish eggs.